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South Indian Food

The food of South India is a culture that has evolved on the basis of Ayurveda, from idlis (steamed rice cakes) to dosa (crepe-like pancakes), sambar (hot lentil stew), to rasam (the oldest consomm√© in the world). One of many firsts, the development of steaming as a culinary technique led to the creation of the steamed idlis and pithas (rice cakes). Also, it was in this location that the first fried chicken meal was created and deep frying method was perfected. Here, for the first time in the nation, the Jewish culinary culture and the Mappila community’s food culture were adopted.

The Udupi cuisine, which boasts 60% of the Indian vegetarian menu, organic coffee, and the greatest spices, particularly pepper, clove, and cardamom, was also developed in this area. In fact, a large portion of the food offered here now dates back to the first millennium BC. Many people think that preparing methods haven’t altered all that much. One such example is the Sadya, a formal ceremonial feast that includes roughly 28 dishes, including boiling red rice, pickles, desserts, and side dishes. It is traditionally served with the tapered end of the plantain leaf facing the guest.

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