East Indian Cuisine

One of India’s oldest culinary traditions is thought to originate in the country’s east. This region’s food ecology is an intriguing fusion of regional cuisine and global influences, and it mostly consists of the states of Bihar, Bengal, Odisha, and some of Andhra Pradesh. It’s interesting to note that the popular Indianized Chinese cuisine originated in the Tangra neighbourhood of the former Calcutta and is now enjoyed throughout the entire nation.

As much for its seaside cuisine as for its temple cuisine, the eastern region of India is well-known. Its concept of steaming, smoking, stir-frying, and fermenting is what gives it its beauty.In fact, this is the region of the country that one should travel to if they ever wish to experience variations of the well-known British mashed potatoes. Aloo bhatey, also known as aloo chokha, is a staple of the local cuisine and is served with nearly every treat, including litti (sattu-filled hardened donuts), pokhalo or panta bhaat (fermented and spiced rice), and even dal bhaat (rice with lentils). Pithas (rice-batter pancakes) and rosogolla, a dessert prepared with chenna (ricotta cheese), were also made popular in this area.

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