Lakshadweep Voyage

The capital island is Kavaratti Tranquil lagoons, incredible coral reefs, exhilarating water sport sites, a marine aquarium, glass-bottom boats, a dolphin dive centre, etc. are all located 404 kilometres from Kochi and will make your holiday a memorable one. Have a seat here and enter the magical world of adventure, joy, and excitement.

The stunning, serene lagoon is the perfect setting for swimming, water sports, and tanning on warm, sandy beaches. The new MARINE AQUARIUM, which has a superb collection of specimens, contains exhibitions on marine life. If you can’t swim, don’t worry; we’ve made it simpler for you to see the fascinating underwater world with our glass-bottomed boats.

For fans of water sports, the Dolphin Diving Center is another draw. Taratashi is the name of a package that includes accommodations on the island of Kavaratti. Visitors have several excellent meal options in Kavaratti, but the spicy tuna fish, sweet potatoes, and Malabar-styled chicken are must-tries. 

Places to visit in Kawaratti


Tilakkam, Pitti, and Cheriyam are the other three islets that make up the bulk of Kalpeni. Combined, these islands provide the impression of being an odd trip destination for nature exploration. These are a must-see for anyone who enjoys travelling widely. Swimming, snorkelling, reef walks in the expansive lagoon, as well as participating in water sports on sailboats, pedal boats, and kayaks are all fantastic things to do at Kalpeni.

A massive storm bank made up primarily of coral debris is one of Kalpeni’s most interesting characteristics.

2.Bangaram Island

An inhabited island with outstanding natural beauty is Bangaram Island. The beaches in this area are quite well-liked and give off the impression of being a location where people gather to have fun. In an environment like this, you might be able to laze around all day doing nothing and still be content. Thinking is enjoyable, isn’t it?


Kadmat Island is a work of art unto itself and extraordinarily wealthy in marine wealth. Yeah, there is a tremendous amount of underwater beauty on this island, which visitors may enjoy and discover with their loved ones. So life is ultimately only worth living when shared in small moments of love and comfort.

4.Thinnakara ISLAND

The magnificent Thinnakara island, which located nearby Bangaram island, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lakshadweep due to its stunning beaches and picturesque surroundings. This teardrop-shaped island has been able to preserve its natural surroundings because it has no connectivity to the mainland and no human population. It can be a wonderful experience to explore the untouched beauty of its powdery white sands, beautiful beaches, vivid reefs, and the limitless blue water.

Few people visit the island, giving it virtually the feel of a privately owned island as they unwind on the beaches under swaying palm trees. A game of beach volleyball or tanning on the gorgeous coastlines are other options.


By Air

Air travel is among the greatest ways to get to Kavaratti Island. The closest airport, providing connections to Lakshadweep and other locations, is Cochin International Airport.

By Road

By Road From Cochin, which has excellent road connections to many regions of the nation, travellers can board ships or fly.

By Sea

In addition to the MV Tippu Sultan, MV Bharat Seema, MV Amindivi, and MV Minicoy, there are four passenger ships available. Typically, the passage takes 14 to 20 hours.